Our beginner levels (Creative Movement, Pre-Ballet, Beg-Ballet and Level 1 ) introduce our tiny dancers to important ballet fundamentals such as musicality, rhythm, flexibility, discipline, ballet etiquette, imagination and expression. It is a critical stage for building muscle strength and coordination for future training. These classes are designed to be fun while building the above concepts in an age appropriate way.

Level 2 to Level 8 is a progression from beginning ballet to the advanced level. Spokane Ballet Studio’s syllabus and methods of teaching are based upon our faculty's combined teaching and professional performing experience. Our faculty combined has 95 years of teaching in Spokane. All students perform in our annual recital toward the end of the school year as well as various other performing opportunities. Our goal is to develop dancers with a versatile classical technique as well as an understanding of the history of dance.

We also offer Advanced 2. This daytime program is for those dancers who wish to pursue a dance career or a dance major at a university. It is designed to enhance the advanced dancers’ curriculum by adding extra hours of class, variations, coaching, partnering and strengthening training. This is a day time program offered to Level 8 students which requires the director’s permission to attend.